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How to Buy SpaceX Stock

Expecting SpaceX  to soar? Alot of us are. Have you been wondering how to buy SpaceX stock? You’re not the only one. The main problem is they are not a public company, at least not yet, but there may be a way to still get in now.


spacex stock

What is SpaceX

SpaceX not only designs but manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk to completely revolutionize space technology

SpaceX Stock Price for IPO?

If SpaceX had an IPO soon Plenty of people would be ready to jump in — no doubt. Elon Musk has had many successful ventures, that include Tesla and PayPal, and they have already gone public.

Despite the fact that Musk’s plan for Tesla brings up questions considering the probability of a ‘SpaceX public offering,’ some traders reported to CNBC that they remain confident that an IPO will take place even if it’s not going to happen right now. For some investors, the idea of SpaceX looking in an IPO often crosses their minds. Such positiviy expressed the confidence that many have with regards to be able to trade.

In the news though, last year was rather busy for SpaceX, They have had money flowing into its reserves, therefore the demand to actually carry out an IPO to raise funds is lower. It has continued to diminish even further, because of  the fact that SpaceX tapped into the debts markets.

 It has actually become less necessary for many companies to go public in order to obtain substantial funding.

 Musk has told the public that Space X will remain private, maybe until its Mars Colonial Transporter has made some efforts to transport ‘passengers between Earth and Mars.’ The business guru perceives that an IPO could actually hinder the firm’s long-term objectives in relation to stakeholders’ expectations. So unfortunately for traders, the company is not in any hurry to abandon private life.

How to buy SpaceX Stock

To think a bit outside of the box we look at who exactly are the private investors in SpaceX , In 2015, Fidelity and Google saw value in buying a stake in SpaceX. The two companies collectively signed a deal that pushed SpaceX value to $10 billion.

This funding SpaceX received was geared towards financing the emerging satellite business that SpaceX wanted to  develop a one of a kind global communication system. This will position a network of hundreds of satellites into orbit with the goal of connecting future inhabitants of Mars and everyone on earth to the web.

Because of this funding one who is interested can indirectly invest in SpaceX by purchasing shares of Google’s parent company Alphabet INC.  Google’s parent firm partly owns SpaceX, therefore in theory, having a portion of Google stock is one way to indirectly grab a piece of SpaceX.

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