Tick Tock Trades

Patience and Timing Really is Everything!

Hello, my name is Pat Im founder of Tick Tock Trades I am excited. You see, I’ve been a day trader for many, many years. I started 10 years ago in Forex, dabbled in the penny stock world got taken in for awhile, And while I didnt give up, I realized why so many find it impossible with all of the fake gurus and so called mentors pumping and dumping and making bank off of their memebers. As I developed my own way of trading from a beginner to a seasoned professional trader I was extremely frustrated and angry by the lack of quality education that is out there “teaching” people how to day trade.

The world of day trading is so filled with so called “gurus” and “mentors” that are plain and simple sharks that are out to take your hard-earned money. They are simply copying the same old stuff and recycling that information that’s been out there for decades.

Many people have been taken advantage of, and have literally been brainwashed into believing that there is only a certain way to make money in the stock market.

I’m here to tell you…that is so far from the truth

I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to show you the discipline and the education that took me from selling cars, odd jobs, whatever I could do , to becoming a full time professional trader and having a life I love.

I’m also want you to know you can do it. Is it easy at first? No, It takes patience and dedication but you can accomplish your dreams and make it happen.

But you must be willing to listen, stay committed, and most important, enjoy the learning process . It takes someone disciplined and ready to learn if you want to make it out of that 90%, I’m not going to lie Then it’s the most fulfilling thing you can ever do and it leads you to the ultimate goal in life.


I really believe the way we teach to trade is far better then the rest and it can be THE thing you’ve needed to guide you down your day trading road to destiny. As a daytrader, the only thing we can control is our risk, With my method you will learn that first, keeping our risk tight is crucial.

Tick Tock Trades is not just for new traders, however that is how we started, I wanted to show my friends what I had been able to accomplish and bring them along with me, Seasoned traders are welcome also, I have coached members at every level.

We are completely focused on the education and growth of the trader.

Come try us out ! Remember Timing is Everything